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"I Want YOUR Results to Be What Everyone Is Buzzing About When They Are Scrolling Through Their Newsfeed"


-Coach Rick



Age: 37

 Result Fitness Achievements  
Lost Over 40 Lbs Pure Fat
200% Strength Increase On Bench Press
Greatly Improved Cardiovascular Health

Spending many years as an executive information technology specialist, Michael realized that job stress and life sometimes got the best of him.   One day, Thru a Colleague, he met Coach Rick and Shortly After,  he began to train 3 times a week with Coach Rick.  This is when he discovered his new passion for the gym! 


  Through relentless training, Michael was able to turn negative energy that was weighing him down into a force that would propel him to reach his fitness goals.   His medicine ball slams continue to deflate medicine balls to this day!



Age: 26

 Result Fitness Achievements 
Lost 40 Lbs Pure Fat 
Can Free-weight Squat 225 Lbs

Through word of mouth Victoria had heard about Result Fitness and decided to try it out for herself.   Initially the path the success was a rocky one;  Her body seemed a bit resistant to certain styles of nutrition which was tough, but through perseverance and constant body composition testing, we were able to figure her out and she start seeing amazing results.  From that point on, the body fat literally would melt right off  of her.  The following months she would continue to get stronger and lose 30 total pounds of pure body fat! 


Age: 68

 Result Fitness Achievements 
Lost 12% Pure Fat (25% to 13%) 
Can Bench 225 Lbs

Proof That Age is Just a Number!  Larry has done a complete overhaul on his physical appearance, dropping his body fat from 25% to 13% over the course of 6 months. 

When I first worked with larry he had a few underlying health concerns we needed to address;  Along with looking great, his priority has been to improve overall health inside and out!  We are proud to hear Larry receive so much positive feedback from his personal doctors and physicians, who all approve of what he has accomplished thus far, and from time to time...  ask him for some tips!   He keeps a Result Fitness Business Card Handy :)


  Result Fitness Couples Achievement  


Age: 43


Age: 48

Lost OVER 50 Lbs of Pure Body Fat 
No Longer Needs Blood Pressure Meds 
Can Bench Press 135 Lbs
Can Squat 175 Lbs for Reps

Can See His Abs!

Lost 15 Lbs of Pure Body Fat 

Can Squat 315 for Reps 

Can Bench Press 295 Lbs

Has the Energy and Stamina he had in his late 20s!

Immediately inspired by Isabel's hard work and results, Tony, a traveling helicopter pilot, knew he needed to try and keep up with his high school sweetheart; he joined the program with Isabel and In just a few months he lost 15+ pounds, built Tremendous Strength and Total Reshaped his Body.


Traveling made it tough for Tony, but we were also able to incorporate Online Training to make it work!

Back in 2020, Isabel started a Result Fitness 1-on-1 program and had tremendous results, losing over 30 pounds in the first few months and a few months after that reaching 50 pounds!  Her general health improved so much that her doctor advised her to stop using various medications that were needed previously, such as blood pressure pills.

Like many, Isabel came to us because she was tired of living a sedentary life - and having a desk job for over 10 years had take it's toll.  She simply made the decision to take the first step!


Coach Aaron

22 yrs old

 Result Fitness Achievements 
First Competition in Bodybuilding Placed 2nd In Classic Physique At the Dexter Jackson Classic, 2nd place in Men's open

Through mutual friends Aaron met Coach Rick Late May 2020 with intentions to compete in bodybuilding.  With only 8 weeks to prep for the show,  we were already behind in time.   1 on 1 training allowed aaron to accel faster in building on his weak points, and  the nutrition plan would prove to dry him out and bring him in at his leanest!    He was able to coast into the show and steal 2nd place in a very tough lineup of competitors 

 More Amazing Transformations 

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